Eunice Frye Home Foundation




The Eunice Frye Home has a long history of service to the greater Portland Community, starting in 1894 when group of concerned men and women saw a real need to provide a place of respite for women who were recovering from a hospital stay, or were exhausted from working in stores or offices.

Mrs. Mary Brown offered her cottage on Peaks Island for that summer, and the next year came the purchase of a house on Revere Street, which served as a residence until 1903. At that time the house at 37 Capisic Street, in Portland, the Mary Brown Home, was built, and was later renamed. The name Euncie Frye Home honors Mrs. Frye, who was very actively involved in the Home, serving as President of the Board for twenty-five years. The Home has been in constant use first as a residence and later as an assisted living facility until it ceased to operate as of September 30, 2002.

The property has been sold to the Sisters of Mercy and now, as the Frances Ward Convent, serves as a residence for elderly nuns. The proceeds from the sale were added to the endowment, and The Eunice Frye Home Foundation , a not-for-profit, non-operating foundation was formed. With our grants we hope to carry on the community service work started so long ago by some very dedicated Portland citizens.